Helping driven moms reclaim their highest wholeness!


Honor your soul's longing


Enjoy expansion and flow


Achieve your legacy purposes

Sounds familiar? If so, this experience is for you.


Do you struggle to find the so-called “balance” because the scale is tipped in favor of the priorities of external needs expected by the society? 


Are you feeling stuck because your days are filled with responsibilities and external expectations and you just don’t have the time or energy to do anything else including checking in with yourselves?


Did you forget that big dream or desire that you used to have and how beautiful they are?


Do you wonder how to reclaim your power and step into your wholeness in having a thriving career, loving family while manifesting your biggest dreams?

Despite all external expectations and conditioning, you can create, nurture and expand your life as a driven and dream-honoring mom.



Align yourself with your most thriving life, work, career, path, purpose, and business.

Deepen your self-belief, while releasing fears, limiting belief and mindset blocks.

Reunite and reignited by your own dreams, desires, and your grand legacy, free from social and traditional conditioning.

Recognize misalignment and implement mindset strategies to maintain alignment between your heart, body, feeling and your life.


I’m Dian Trabulsy

I am a mom, author, entrepreneur, corporate leader and attorney. Through powerful transformational techniques and an alignment-based framework, I deliver a holistic experience that supports moms in reclaiming their wholeness and a soul-based, purpose-driven, and universe-aligned life.

I work with driven moms who want to honor their dreams, release limiting beliefs, and align their hearts and minds with the universe’s energy. Through my “Back to Wholeness” framework, moms will reconnect to a wholeness deeply aligned to their soul’s purpose, anchored and grounded in their dreams, and supported by the power of the universe.

I was one of you not long ago, I suffered and experienced the misalignment


Through my own journey back to wholeness, I developed the proven “Back to Wholeness” framework that effectively helped me and other driven and dream-honoring moms like you to reclaim  wholeness.

Dian has truly cracked the code of having it all, through giving deeply to herself and the people in her world.

Jennifer L.

Dian is changing the way women approach motherhood. She is bright, savvy, caring and committed – your perfect champion for having a life you adore!

Amy C.

Dian’s work in the community is promoting the movement of our society to treat moms with a new level of space, respect and grace.

Rida M.

Three Ways I can help

Journey Back To Wholeness Book

This groundbreaking book illustrates the unique difficulties and struggles these moms face by using personal stories, demonstrates the criticality and the urgency of the issues, and provides practical tools, insights, coaching and empowering exercises to be implemented and enjoyed by all dream-honoring moms to reclaim your own “wholeness”.

Let’s journey back to wholeness together!

Wholeness Circle Home Retreat

This holistic life-changing virtual retreat provides the ultimate transformational experience for a small group of moms yearly.

This unique home retreat is tailored for driven and dream-honoring moms with the sole purpose of reclaiming your own wholeness – a soul-based, purpose-driven, and universe-aligned life during a full day experience at the comfort of your home.

Wholeness Mommy Membership

This monthly membership offering is designed for expecting moms to moms of all seasons. The baby-friendly virtual meet-ups create soul-based reflective opportunities, guided rituals, sharing and connecting, meditations and other practices based on the “Back to Wholeness” framework.

Our private community group also provides members with ongoing connection and support.