Transforming Business and Life for a sustainable future!

Welcome to Dian Trabulsy’s personal website! 

Dian Trabulsy is a transformational leader, author, entrepreneur, corporate leader, attorney, and, most importantly, a mom. 

As an award-winning attorney and strategic AI/web3 investor based in New York City, she brings a breadth of experience and expertise in law, governance, and transformation for operations and companies of all sizes, from cutting-edge startups to Fortune 100 companies​.

In her current roles, Dian helms multiple business ventures and initiatives, focusing primarily on the intersection of technology, law and sustainability.

In all her endeavors, Dian’s mission is to support and inspire others to reclaim their wholeness and align with their soul’s purpose, whether through investing in innovative startups, promoting sustainable fashion, or empowering moms to live their most thriving life.


I’m Dian Trabulsy

I’m the proud founder of Grace May LLC, a global investment and advisory firm focused on blockchain and other frontier technologies. At Grace May, we empower early-stage startups to reach their full potential, providing tailored advisory services, business strategy, fundraising support, and scaling guidance. We also offer educational workshops, seminars, and online courses to share our knowledge with a wider audience​.

As the creator of EcoVerve, I’m committed to revolutionizing sustainable fashion and shaping the future of eco-conscious shopping in the metaverse. EcoVerve is a testament to my belief in the power of sustainability, combining eco-friendly materials with innovative designs to create a positive impact on the environment​​.

My journey of motherhood has led me to write the book “Journey Back to Wholeness“. This book is a transformative guide for moms who want to honor their dreams, release limiting beliefs, and align their lives with their deepest desires and the energy of the Universe. The book provides practical tools and spiritual insights to guide moms on a journey back to their highest wholeness. You can find more about my book on the Book page of this site.

Three Ways I can help

Web3 and AI Advisory

Navigate the frontier of technology with Dian’s expert guidance in Web3, AI, and blockchain. This service provides strategic advice on incorporating these innovative technologies into your business model, ensuring regulatory compliance, and harnessing the power of DAO governance. With Dian’s extensive legal and investment experience, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges in these rapidly evolving fields.

grace may llc

Sustainable Business Consultation and Metaverse Strategy

Revolutionize your business with sustainability and metaverse strategies, guided by Dian’s experience with EcoVerve and her deep understanding of the virtual world. This service provides strategic advice on incorporating sustainability into your operations, developing eco-friendly product lines, and creating immersive experiences in the metaverse. Join Dian to shape a greener, more innovative future for your business.

Transformational Coaching for Driven Moms

Empower yourself to reclaim your wholeness and align your life with your unique purpose. Dian’s transformational coaching, based on her “Back to Wholeness” framework, offers a supportive space for moms to explore their dreams, overcome limiting beliefs, and harmonize their personal and professional lives. This service can include one-on-one coaching, group workshops, or our signature Wholeness Circle Home Retreat, all designed to inspire and guide you on your journey to self-fulfillment.