Hi, it’s me!

Dian Trabulsy

I am a mom, author, entrepreneur, corporate executive and lawyer in the financial services industry in New York City.

I am passionate about supporting moms like you, who are both devoted parents and driven to honor themselves and their dreams.

To do this, I offer and deliver holistic, transformational, and soul-based experiences that can help moms:

  • Rediscover peace, flow, and expansion in their life
  • Reconnect to themselves
  • Gain greater clarity on their desires and dreams
  • Enjoy the bliss of parenthood, and
  • Step back into their wholeness

I was born and raised as the only child in a traditional family in China. About 10 years ago, I came to the U.S. as a first-generation immigrant to pursue my American dream. Like many of you, I had always considered myself a “high achiever,” but when I had my first child, I hit a valley.

Even though it appeared that I had it all—a rewarding and well-paid career, a wonderful husband, and a beautiful, healthy baby girl—I felt like I was losing a part of myself. I had always known we were subject to all sorts of cultural and social conditioning. Now I could see its effects.

I forgot myself, my feelings, my dreams because I was so busy accommodating others’ expectations of who I was supposed to be as a working mom.

To heal this misalignment, I embarked on a journey back to wholeness. Through coaching, learning, rituals, and spiritual practice, I developed and implemented a framework that included practical tools and empowering exercises that sparked insights that have helped me and many others reclaim our wholeness.

I refined this process to make it as practical and powerful as possible with the goal of helping other mommies transform their lives. Now, there is no need to make the same mistakes I did, waste time or money on investments or programs that don’t work, and delay taking steps towards empowerment. By following the Journey Back to Wholeness framework, you too can find your way back to a soul-based, purpose-filled and universe-aligned life.

Three Ways I can help

Journey Back To Wholeness Book

This groundbreaking book illustrates the unique difficulties and struggles these moms face by using personal stories, demonstrates the criticality and the urgency of the issues, and provides practical tools, insights, coaching and empowering exercises to be implemented and enjoyed by all dream-honoring moms to reclaim your own “wholeness”.

Let’s journey back to wholeness together!

Wholeness Circle Home Retreat

This holistic life-changing virtual retreat provides the ultimate transformational experience for a small group of moms yearly.

This unique home retreat is tailored for driven and dream-honoring moms with the sole purpose of reclaiming your own wholeness – a soul-based, purpose-driven, and universe-aligned life during a full day experience at the comfort of your home.

Wholeness Mommy Membership

This monthly membership offering is designed for expecting moms to moms of all seasons. The baby-friendly virtual meet-ups create soul-based reflective opportunities, guided rituals, sharing and connecting, meditations and other practices based on the “Back to Wholeness” framework.

Our private community group also provides members with ongoing connection and support.

My Work Is For You If:

• You want to stop doing what you think you “should” do, and follow your own light, in your own way.

• You want to start owning your soul gifts, honoring your own body and heart, and living it out with divine support.

• You’re ready to release emotional blocks, limiting beliefs and behaviors with may be holding you back from creating more of what you really want and need.

• You know it’s time to reclaim your soul-based, purpose-driven, and universe aligned life

• You’re ready for  wholeness