Asian Mama Workshop

In the series of four 1-hour executive workshops for Asian moms, you’ll learn how to find your leadership voice and create your executive signatures that will help you to succeed as an Asian mom in the competitive Corporate American world.

Is this you?

– Born and raised in a traditionally Asian-oriented culture?

– Desire to thrive in the corporate American world and realize your career dreams?

– A driven and ambitious mom with other responsibilities to balance? BUT…

– Struggling to find your voice, navigate the unwritten rules, and breaking the bamboo ceiling?

If so, I see you, I heard you, I’ve been there and want to invite you to this unique workshop just designed for mamas like you!

Through Asian Mama Workshop, you can expect:


– 1-hour workshop per week for 4 weeks delivered virtually

– Step-by-step practices to break free from social and cultural conditioning

– Mind strategy to recognize and eliminate your own limiting beliefs

– Roadmap to create opportunities to work in your zone of genius

– Strategic communication and leadership styles to highlight your corporate value and impact

– An alternative or exit strategy that’s not stressful or daunting

– An intimate close support group, and…

A new refreshed, empowered, whole you!

Hey, I’m Dian Trabulsy


I am a mom, author, entrepreneur, life alignment strategist, corporate leader and attorney. Through powerful transformational techniques and an alignment-based framework, I deliver a holistic experience that supports moms in reclaiming their wholeness and a soul-based, purpose-driven, and universe-aligned life.

I work with driven moms who want to honor their dreams, release limiting beliefs, and align their hearts and minds with the universe’s energy. Through my “Back to Wholeness” framework, moms will reconnect to a wholeness deeply aligned to their soul’s purpose, anchored and grounded in their dreams, and supported by the power of the universe.

Why Me?

– I was just like you not long ago…

– I was born and raised in a traditional family in China and came to the U.S. in my 20s to pursue my American dreams as a first-generation immigrant.

– I have a decade of experience in Corporate America both in the public sector and the private arena. 

– I am advancing my career throughout my motherhood while being an Asian mama. 

– I am an advocate of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in the U.S. and a senior leaders of several women based non-profit organizations.

– Selected Honors includes: President’s Pro Bono Service Award (2015); Asian Rising Executive of Asia Society (2020).

– My mission is to support driven and dream-honoring mamas to live a soul-based, purpose-driven and universe-aligned life.

This is an intimate small group workshop with no more than 6 participants at a time. The enrollment for the next workshop is currently closed.

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