Wholeness Mommy: The Community for New and Expecting Moms

What would you give to just be able to hold space and breathe amidst the chaos and noise?

As a new mom, it’s easy to lose focus.

Our careers are put on hold. We hold off our own dreams, needs and ambitions.

The thing is… we don’t need to.

You don’t have to be Wonder Woman to remain the fierce and powerful force that you are after childbirth.

Just take the first step:   

Be part of the community.

Wholeness Mommy is a membership-based community that’s also your one-way ticket to the peace, power and expansion. 

With Wholeness Mommy, you can enjoy reconnection in a whole new and intimate way- fierce clarity on self desires and dreams, ultimate parenthood flow, grace and power in reclaiming a soul-based, purpose driven and universe-aligned life.


This monthly membership offering is designed for expecting moms to moms of up to 2 year postpartum.

These baby-friendly virtual meet-ups create soul-based reflective opportunities, guided rituals, sharing and connecting, meditations and other practices based on the “Back to Wholeness” framework.

In the meantime, it’s a like-minded community that provides members with a 24/7 private communication and support systems for these amazing moms.


Why Wholeness Mommy?

Because unlike other communities, I don’t lift the focus

The focus in on YOU, mom.

You can gain back what you’ve lost through our holistic care and support for moms and moms only.

  • The Wholeness Mommy experience has a holistic approach designed solely for expecting moms and new moms, and has been based on a proven back to wholeness framework. So you can expect only the best outcome.
  • This program has been developed out of my own realization that our society doesn’t provide the much needed support every new mom desperately needs during this major transition of our life. 
  • It’s intended to bridge the psychological and emotional gaps to support expecting and new moms, honor your being, acknowledge your soul needs and offering grace, space and support in a unique way.


Bring your baby with you,

Show up messy, real and unfiltered,

like all of us in this special space.

Can I count you in to…

Sing your own truth freely and boldly as you listen to your own body, feelings and intuition, and ultimately reclaim your own wholeness while manifesting your divine life purposes.

Because through this community, you will know and finally experience that being real to yourself and showing up as a whole you to the world is the best thing that can happen to you and to the people you love!